PIL Franchise Expansion Criteria

The following points represent the restrictions and criteria for consideration to join the Pacific International League.

  • To be admitted to the PIL, an expansion team must receive a majority of votes from existing teams.
  • In advance of voting, expansion teams must provide an anticipated working budget, projected source of players and ballpark contract prior to being formally admitted to the league.  The league will provide documentation to ballpark booking agent if needed to provide proof that the team is being considered for participation in the league.
  • The new team will be required to pay all league fees in advance for the first season.  This includes onetime PIL Bond $1,000.00 and the annual league fees as determined by the league for a full participating organization.  All funds are non-refundable should the team chose not to participate in the league.   A simple majority vote of members’ organizations shall grant a team admission to the league.
  • The new team must adhere to all existing PIL rules / regulations and to all discipline policy regarding ejections, suspensions, alcohol / tobacco rules and supplemental discipline.  This includes the following (but is not limited to):

– All player contracts and liability waivers must be submitted prior to participation

– Final roster must be submitted in full in accordance to the yearly date as established by the league

– Team representation at all league meetings or conference calls

– Future year’s payment schedule as per regular PIL policy.

– Full participation in the league’s stat program and other public initiatives.

  • The new team also agrees to adhere to all National Baseball Congress rules and regulations.
  • The new team will not be permitted to use any players that were rostered or played with an existing PIL team the previous season unless released by the former team.
  • The new team will not be permitted to play its home games in the park of an existing team unless that existing team gives its written consent.
  • The team will make best efforts to schedule games against all teams in the league on a yearly basis.  Team agrees to travel to each member organization in a bi-annual basis.  Existing teams also agree to travel to expansion franchise location on a bi-annual basis.
  • The new team must use PIL approved baseballs.


For additional information, please e-mail the PIL President, Mike MacCulloch at coachmac19@hotmail.com.