Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Pacific International League?
The Pacific International League (PIL) is a federally recognized, 501c3, non-profit corporation run by a board of directors. Thus, the league is owned by no one individual and exists only to serve policies/direction as set forth by the board and in its charter. The Pacific International League (PIL) is a federally recognized, 501c3, non-profit corporation run by a board of directors. Thus, the league is owned by no one individual and exists only to serve policies/direction as set forth by the board and in its charter.
How are league policies determined?
Each team in good standing holds one seat and one vote on the board of directors. The league president and secretary also hold a single vote. Policies, budget, schedule, and any other necessary decisions are made by majority vote of the board.
How does the league get the money to operate?
Teams are assessed an annual League Fee based on a budget formulated each year. Each new team is charged a one time joining / expansion fee. We accept personal and corporate donations that are fully tax deductible. We also offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities for individuals and business.
How long is the PIL season?
The season runs approximately Memorial Day through the middle of August.
How many games does a typical team play?
Teams will generally play around 20 league games and another 15 to 20 non-league games during a season.
How old do I have to be and is their an age limit to play in the PIL?
League policy states that a player must be a minimum of 18 years of age to participate in league play in the PIL. The league does not have a policy regarding non-league play. There is no age limit for participation. If you can compete, contribute, and earn your spot on a roster we welcome you.
Do I have to be in college to play in the PIL?
No, you do not. Although many of the players are in the midst of their college careers we recognize that for many talented players there are other routes. We have seen high school graduates, graduated college players, former professionals and recovering professionals, and a variety of community college players pass through the ranks of PIL teams. It is our purpose to offer the most competitive opportunity to any player that we can.
Do I have to pay to play in the PIL?
The policy of each team is decided independently and is determined by how a team’s budget/financing is put together. Contact the individual teams in which you might be interested for further information regarding player fees.
How do I get the opportunity to play in the PIL?
Each team does their own recruiting, emphasizing their need for that season. Recruiting begins as early as the fall following the season for the next season. Teams are contacting players/coaches and players/coaches contacting teams throughout the winter. If you are interested in playing for a team in the PIL it is up to you to make contact. Start early expressing your interest and do not wait until a month before the season starts because most rosters are full at that point.
Are their jobs available in the PIL?
There are a variety of jobs/opportunities available in the PIL, some on the field and some off. The league itself generally hires at least one college intern (sports management or communications) to deal with press releases and statistics during the season. Each team to a different degree may pay a coaching staff, may require administrative assistance, etc. The situation/opportunity varies from team to team. Some teams rely expressly on volunteer help at all levels but offer valuable experience.
Do players lose their college eligibility by playing in the PIL?
No. Simply participating in the PIL will not affect your eligibility. The league is in full compliance with NCAA Rules. It is however up to each individual team and player to understand and know the regulations. If you have a specific question please go to
I have heard of different teams in the PIL, where have these other clubs gone?
The territory of the Pacific International League as defined by the National Baseball Congress includes the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana the United States; the provinces of British Columbia, and Alberta in Canada.  Our historic concentration has been along the “I-5 corridor” (WA, OR, BC) but a various times we have had participants from as far as Montana and Alberta.  Teams come and go as their budget and motivations change; it is always fun to see the enthusiasm that new teams bring to baseball.
Can I hold a job and play in the PIL?
Yes and players often do. You should have an “understanding” employer or have a clear agreement with the team as to your availability. The PIL schedule is a demanding one and can cause difficulty with employment depending upon the flexibility of your job schedule.
Why does team travel and tournament participation vary among different teams?
Outside of the league schedule, teams schedule tournaments and games as budgets and time allow. Teams of the PIL exchanged games for a number of years with the Alaska League. We have teams traveling to Arizona, Nevada, and Northern California this season. The teams travel extensively throughout the Pacific North West.  It is league policy to facilitate player exposure to as wide a variety of baseball experience as possible within the confines of qualifying for Wichita, Kansas and the National Baseball Congress World Series.
What’s the deal with the trip to the World Series?
Since 1935 the National Baseball Congress has conducted a World Series Tournament in Wichita, Kansas. League Champions and qualifying tournament participants from around the world are invited to participate. It has been PIL policy to assist in sponsoring at least one team and sometimes two to take part.  Professional scouts (often as many as 30 at a single game) recognize this opportunity to see talented players compete in this high caliber atmosphere.  The list of professional players who have passed through this tournament is lengthy. Member teams of the PIL feel that this is the best exposure we can give a player and a positive experience towards forwarding individual players baseball efforts.  The 78th Annual NBC World Series will begin on late July, at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium in Wichita, KS, and will conclude middle of August.
Do professional scouts look at PIL players?
Yes, this level of baseball is followed closely by professional scouts. They are seeing players in a different situation than that of college ball. The nature of the schedule, the make up of teams, and the kind of travel require self-discipline and motivation from each individual.