Weeks 5-6 Recap

Back and forth we go in the standings with the Studs, Dudes and Merchants all battling it out for the top spot! Current league records are as follows;

Seattle Studs 7-3 in league, 19-10 overall
Redmond Dudes 9-9 in league, 10-14 overall
Everett Merchants 7-4 in league, 10-11 overall
Highline Bears 5-5 in league, 6-7 overall
Northwest Honkers 4-12 in league, 5-17 overall

The Seattle Studs have gotten a huge production out of their CF #10 Landon Riker from Vanguard University. Riker Currently leads the league in AVG (.402), HR (7) and RBI (35). Along with Riker the Studs roster hold the highest number of players listed on the league leaderboard for statistics with 4 players in the top 7 for AVG, 3 players in the top 7 for HR, 5 players in the top 7 for RBI, 2 pitchers in the top 7 for wins, 2 pitchers in the top 7 for strikeouts (#1 overall leader Anthony Brady for the Studs with 38 ks) and just 1 in ERA however in the top spot (Anthony Brady 0.99 ERA). That totals 17 total appearances for the Studs atop the statistical leader boards. The Everett Merchants come in second with 12 players listed, Dudes with 7, Bears with 3 and Honkers with 3 as well.

With a bit less than half of the season remaining we’re set-up for a wild finish to the season to see who will earn the trip to the NBC World Series in Wichita Kansas!